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Home Health Aide Program

At Angeles Institute, our 1 week accelerated home health aide program will having you starting your career in less time

New skills, More opportunities.

At Angeles Institute, you will find a dedicated teaching and support staff with the unified goal of preparing you to become caring and competent entry-level home health aide.

Each student has the capabilities to reach their goals and the Angeles Institute family is here to help.


Why Attend Angeles Institute over other schools? Here's why:

Accelerated 1 Week Program

Whether this is a stepping stone as you pursue more education or this is a start to a new career, Angeles will help you get there in less time.

All Inclusive Tuition

Angeles believes in providing 100% transparency with the fees associated with our programs: That's why we include your books, supplies and uniforms, within our tuition.

Financial Aid Available

Education should be accessible by everyone. That's why we make sure we provide you with all of the federal, state, local, and private loan and aid resource options that you qualify for

Dedicated Student Affairs Team

We are committed to providing support to each unique students challenges. We offer tutoring and group study coordination. Student Affairs also assist students with securing child care, transportation, counseling, and other support services.

Home Health Aide Program Overview

Upon acceptance into our Home Health Aid Program here at Angeles Institute, this is the journey each student will take:

Main Term - HHA Add On

Home Health Aide Course

• 40 hours (20 theory + 20 clinical)
• HHA add on is offered at a significantly reduced price when taken in conjunction with the CNA course
• CNA Certification required if taken separately
• Unit 1 -  Introduction to Aide & Agency Role
• Unit 2 -  Interpretation of Medical and Social Needs of People
• Unit 3 -  Personal Care Services, Clinical Activity, and Cleaning & Care Tasks in the Home
• Unit 4 - Nutrition and Clinical Activity
• Unit 5 - Finals

Prerequisite Course: Nursing Assistant

*Must have completed Angeles Institute Nursing Assistant program or have an active NA Certification

Angeles Institute NA Program is 5 weeks in length

Additional information about the Nursing Assistant Program


• 86 Theory hours
• Learn how to safely and effectively perform personal care skills
• Perform basic nursing skills for clients in a variety of settings
• Recognize the psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of clients.


• 190 Hours total (86 theory hours + 104 Clinical hours)
• 76% Cumulative Score or Greater
• Demonstrate appropriate attitudes in giving nursing care.
• Exhibit proper ethical and legal behavior in giving nursing care.
• Demonstrate effective communication and interpersonal skills.
• Demonstrate behavior that maintains the rights of the client.
• Perform nursing care with regard to the principles of infection control.
• Acquire the proper knowledge and skills to respond to emergencies.

Angeles Institute is the premier Nursing Assistant Program in Los Angeles

Our state of the art simulation lab, intimate learning environment, and dedicated student success team make Angeles Institute the best program to have you ready to start your new career in less time.

Home Health Aide Application Process

Step One

Basic Requirements

The Basic Requirements to qualify for our Home Health Aide Program are as follows:

• Be a minimum of 16 years of age or older
• Have official transcripts
• Drivers license and permanent residency card (if applicable)
• A social security card

Step Two

Tour Angeles Institute

Walk the campus on a private tour surveying our classrooms, skills lab, and our state-of-the-art simulation lab.

The applicants will have the opportunity to ask questions about the program.

Step Three

Admissions Interview

Upon completion of the tour, our admissions representative will discuss:

• Past History
• Ability
• Goals
• Interests
• Potential barriers to program completion
• Testing
• Scheduling

Step Four

Entrance Exam

All applicants must pass our entrance exam in order to meet with a financial aid coordinator.

Step Five

Meet Financial Coordinator

Here, you may ask as many questions about the financial aspects of the program as you need.

You will receive one on one guidance on how to complete the FAFSA Application.

You will also submit a background check and complete an enrollment agreement.

Step Six

Academic Interview

A member of the the nursing administrative team will assess the applicant on the three tenants of core criteria. They are academic success (past and present), motivation, and barriers.

Academic success topics include:
• Transcript grades
• Entrance exam score
• Written essay score

Motivation topics include:
• Expectations, goals, and interest in the nursing field
• Current experience
• Why nursing?
• Support system and level of involvement

Barrier topics include:
• Scheduling (job/no job)
• Personal commitments (childcare, family care, etc.)
• Applicant concerns and/or questions

Step Seven

Step Seven

Acceptance into the program is granted after successfully completing all of the components of admissions, as well as there being availability in both the classroom and clinical settings.

Accreditations and Approvals

Angeles Institute has been granted institutional approval to operate from the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education pursuant of the California Education Code Section 94915 , the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians, the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education, and is an education agency member with the National League of Nursing.