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One of the Top Nursing Schools in Los Angeles

Vocational Nursing (VN) Program

44 weeks Billed Annually

The VN program is a 11 month accelerated course intended to prepare students for a career as a Vocational Nurse.  The VN program is recommended for students that already have a passion for nursing, have already been introduced to the healthcare industry, or have already completed the NA program.


Nursing Assistant (NA) Program

13 weeks Part Time / 5 weeks Full Time

The NA program is offered as both a part time and full time course on an alternating basis. This program is intended to introduce students to the growing medical field and help them build the skills necessary to become certified nursing assistants.

  • Loyalty Scholarship available for students continuing to VN program
  • Quick Start Career
  • Slower Paced Learning

Home Health Aide (HHA) Program

1 week 

The HHA program is a one week addition to our NA program and is currently open to CNA’s and often paired with the NA program. This program is intended to provide a specialized skill set in home healthcare, increasing job prospects and job compensation for our graduates.


  • Specialty program for CNA
  • Increases job prospects