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Clinical Supervisor

Under the direction and supervision of the Assistant Director of Nursing and/or Director of Nursing, the Clinical Supervisor is responsible for the continuing review, improvement and development of Angeles Institute healthcare programs. In addition, the Clinical Supervisor is responsible for development of activities within Angeles Institute. The Clinical Supervisor is responsible for clinical development and clinical faculty development. The Clinical Supervisor is also responsible for carrying out the clinical instructional programs and implementing the educational and professional objectives of Angeles Institute by working directly with administration, faculty, staff, and students to develop excellence in teaching, and professional experience. The Clinical Supervisor also administers the scheduling and supervision of clinical satellites, observational experiences and preceptorships.


  • Graduation from an accredited school of nursing.
  • Associate Degree or above.
  • Completed a teaching course approved by the Board of Registered Nursing.
  • Currently licensed as a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Vocational Nurse in California.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of and ability to apply basic principles of nursing care.
  • Experience and/or education in the care of the aged and chronically ill.
  • Three or more years experience in direct patient care in a long term care facility or nursing facility.
  • One year or more experience in teaching or clinical supervision.

Personal Requirements

  • Good emotional and physical health.
  • Demonstrates evidence of interest in continuous professional growth.
  • Demonstrate a willingness and ability to work under supervision and to supervise faculty and students.
  • Possesses ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.
  • Possesses genuine respect for others and acceptance of their individual social and cultural traits.
  • Ability to develop and maintain good working relationships.
  • Possesses a genuine interest and ability to work with geriatric persons, acute/chronically ill persons and disabled persons.
  • Possesses initiative, dependability and skill in educating faculty/students.
  • Possesses resourcefulness in emergency situations.

Responsibilities – Clinical Supervision

  • To schedule (with the clinical instructor) Pre-Planning Conference with the clinical facility.
  • To plan and organize the clinical learning.
  • To develop clinical rotations, distribute them to students, and post them in appropriate areas of the school.
  • Schedule orientation with the clinical instructor at the facility.
  • Monitor clinical sites effectiveness.
  • Monitor clinical instructor effectiveness.
  • Obtain new clinical sites as needed.
  • Coordinate special clinical activities as they occur.
  • To utilize expertise to promote professional growth of faculty/students in the clinical setting.
  • To evaluate the faculty/student’s clinical written materials.
  • To evaluate faculty/student performance in the clinical setting as evidenced:
    • By making clinical visits and speaking to on facility staff and
    • By verifying documentation and adherence to regulations (Angeles
    • By attending a sample of pre/post conference sessions.
  • To adhere to the philosophy, objectives, policies, and standards of the institute and clinical facilities.
  • To establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff personnel in clinical facilities.
  • To attend all faculty meetings.
  • To contact the Director of Nursing or Assistant Director of Nursing, in areas such as student attendance, clinical incidence, student progress or faculty issues.
  • To maintain professional role as a Clinical Supervisor and refrain from personal and social involvement with students.
  • Assist as necessary the Clinical Instructor to notify the student via verbal and written notification of misconduct or anticipated non-completion of objectives (clinical failure) before the end of the semester whenever possible.
  • The Clinical Supervisor is responsible to assist in the review, and evaluation of both short and long-range goals, objectives, programs, and curricula for Angeles Institute. administrators. Institute, State and Facility).
  • The Clinical Supervisor works closely with administration to share information, deal with academic/clinical concerns, and to assist in developing effective policies.