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Treating Respiratory Infection

Charlotte Medina


Treat Respiratory Infections 


Feeling “under the weather” can be due to a variety of reasons: lack of rest, work burnout, allergies, or possible illness. If you recently started experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms, here are some remedies to follow that will ease your pain. Note: if you have a fever of 98.6°F and are having difficulty with breathing, call 911 immediately.


Honey and lime.

Soothe your sore throat with a big spoonful of local honey with lime or lemon. It is said local honey will help ease allergies as you are ingesting the pollen from your area and your body begins to perceive it as food instead of an invader. Always consult with your physician first if you start taking any allergy medication.


Herbal tea.

Avoid coffee, stay hydrated with water, and drink herbal teas such as ginger, chamomile, and turmeric. A warm beverage brings temporary relief to your throat and many herbs have been used for centuries to treat disease. Take a look at these amazing recipes of herbal teas that will help you beat the flu. Do not drink only black or green tea as they have caffeine and will act as diuretics, meaning they will increase your need to use the bathroom and dehydrate you even further. They are good to start your day, but they are not meant to replace water.


Eat chicken soup.

Yes! That old remedy works to treat nasal congestion and has many anti-inflammatory properties. If you like to cook, prepare a good old-fashioned homemade chicken soup with lots of veggies and eat it for lunch and/or dinner.


Rest, plenty of it.

If you are feeling really bad, and you have paid sick days off from work: use them. They are part of your job rights and perks and you are working for these! Call in sick, sleep in, and stay in bed if you need to. Whenever you are feeling ill, you should take it easy to avoid overexerting your body.


Over-the-counter medication.

Use acetaminophen or ibuprofen to lower a slight fever or a headache. If you have many symptoms, consider medication that is specifically for flu or cold. Most drug-stores have the store-brand which is usually cheaper and works the same. Compare the ingredients and make a choice based on whichever you trust best.


Take a bath.

If you have body aches, treat them with an Epsom salt bath before going to bed. Prepare your bathroom by ensuring your bathtub is clean, bring a heater if it’s cold (and safe to set it up), and run the water at its hottest. Add a cup of bath salts and allow them to dissolve. You will be more relaxed and your muscles will thank you in the morning!


Stay in.

While you are unsure of what might be affecting your body, try isolating. Avoid close contact with your loved ones and if you can, get someone else to cook or go to the store for you. You will be protecting yourself from getting sicker and also protecting others if you are contagious. Think about the well-being of your community too!


If you are worried you might have been exposed to coronavirus, you should get tested as soon as you feel a sore throat or have COVID-19 symptoms. Look up your closest free testing sites and stay at home until you get the results!


Take care of your health! It is a priority and due to this pandemic, it is really hard to get a doctor’s appointment or get treated at urgent care. Keep this in mind before going out and practice social distancing.

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