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Top 5 Qualities of a Great Vocational Nurse

Angeles Institute


When you look to enter the health-care field as a vocational nurse, you already probably know what a fulfilling profession it is. The profession does not only make difference in people’s lives but also provides you with a secure living.

What you should know ahead of time are some of the personal qualities exemplified by the best nurses.


A strong desire to support and help others is imperative, and all the best of nurses have compassion in spades. While you may get exhausted with the challenges that come with the nursing profession, just remind yourself that all these patients are relying on you right now for their well-being.


Compassion and empathy are two sides of the same coin. While working as a vocational nurse can be quite daunting at times, you must acknowledge, listen, and understand the feelings of your patients.


Every nurse faces situations which are unnerving from time to time. While the average person avoids the life and death situations, nurses support the ill and injured in these elements with courage and passion. It is natural to feel fearful initially, but being in a hospital when people are in need of your support means the fear must not hinder execution of your duties.

In fact, nurses must avoid the distraction of fear. They must have the courage to face life and death matters every day and stay strong for their patients.

Intellectual Curiosity

Just like other professions, being a vocational nurse also requires meeting the demands of the industry. A good nurse will explore the latest changes in the industry, review advancements in health care, and learn more technical and leadership skills to improve as a healthcare professional.

Sign up for medical and nursing journals, take educational courses, national and local nursing conferences, and nursing seminars. All of this will help you maintain your passion for helping others and continue to hone your skills.


Learning is a continuous journey throughout life. Work closely with other, more experienced nurses, as this will help you learn about areas in which you can improve. The more traumatic situations you deal with, the stronger you become and the more challenges you are able to handle.

Angeles Institute trains nurses who will go on to change people’s lives and the healthcare industry. For more about the vocational and other nursing programs we offer Los Angeles, give us a call at (562) 531-4100.


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