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Official Nobel Prize Games for Medicine!

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    The official website for the Nobel Prizes features "educational productions" related to Physics, Chemisty, Medicine, and even Literature! 

    If you're a nurse or someone with 5 minutes of free time, learn a thing or two about Blood Typing, the MRI, or Tuberculosis - through games! 

    Nursing Program in Los Angeles 

    1. Did You Know... 

    • Alfred Nobel is best known for inventing dynamite, but he also experimented making synthetic rubber, leather, and artificial silk! 
    • After reading a premature obituary which condemned him for profiting from the sales of arms, he bequeathed his fortune to institute the Nobel Prizes in 1895.
    • Medals made prior to 1980 were struck in 23 carat gold, later changed to 18 carat green gold plated with a 24 carat gold coating! 
    • Between 1901 and 2015, the Nobel Prizes and the Prize in Economic Sciences were awarded 573 times to 900 different people and organizations. Some have received the Nobel Prize more than once, this makes a total of 870 individuals (822 men and 48 women)[2] and 23 organizations.

    2. The Blood Typing Game 

    "What happens if you get a blood transfusion with the wrong blood type? Even though a patient's own blood type is the first choice for blood transfusions, it's not always available at the blood bank. Try to save some patients' lives and learn about human blood types!"



    3. MRI: The Magnetic Miracle 

    Did you know? The 2003 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded for discoveries concerning MRI - magnetic resonance imaging.



    4. Tuberculosis: Experiments & Discoveries 

    "This production explores the 1905 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, which was awarded for investigations and discoveries concerning the disease tuberculosis, or 'TB'." 




    Would you like to play a game?

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    Official Nobel Prize Website: Educational - Medicine Prize Related 

    The Blood Typing Game

    MRI: Magnetic Miracle Game

    Tuberculosis: Experiments & Discoveries Game

    Wikipedia: Alfred Nobel


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