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National Trisomy Awareness Month

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    Did you know...

    That March is designated as National Trisomy Awareness Month? 

    But, okay, what IS trisomy (pronounced "try-so-me")? Who does it affect? How? 
    Let me answer those questions for you. 

    1. What is Trisomy? 

    As defined by Support Organization for Trisomy (SOFT), trisomy "refers to three copies of a chromosome." So Trisomy 21 can be understood as a genetic disorder that specifically affects chromosome 21, creating three copies of chromosome 21. 

    There are three different types of trisomy possible: 

    • Full or Primary trisomy: Three copies of a chromosome in all cells
    • Mosaic or Secondary trisomy: A portion of cells with trisomy, the other portion with just two copies 
    • Partial or Tertiary trisomy: Only a piece of a chromosome is copied 

    2. Common Trisomy Syndromes

    Trisomy of autosomal chromosomes (NOT sex chromosomes) cause varying degrees of developmental and intellectual delays, along with visible physical differences. The most common trisomy syndromes are listed below: 

    • Trisomy 21: Down Syndrome 
    • Trisomy 18: Edwards Syndrome  
    • Trisomy 13: Patau Syndrome

    And while there are also trisomy of sex chromosomes, the physical and mental effects are not as visible as, for example, Trisomy 21, thus are often are undiagnosed: 

    • Triple X Syndrome (XXX) 
    • Klinefelter Syndrome (XXY) 
    • XYY Syndrome (XYY) 

    3. Support Organization for Trisomy (SOFT)

    "SOFT is a self-funded I.R.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer organization incorporated in 1980. SOFT has helped families for over three decades and is recognized as a primary source of information about trisomy 18, 13 and related disorders."

    Also, if you are an expectant parent or would like to support SOFT, consider joining their Facebook page and becoming a member! Show your support beyond this March. 


    Please consider donating to SOFT today.

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    National Health Observances Calendar 

    Trisomy Wikipedia

    Support Organization for Trisomy (SOFT) 

    *Note: This was not a sponsored post for or by the abovementined organizations.


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