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The Most Comfortable Shoes and Clothing for Nurses.

Charlotte Medina


The Most comfortable shoes and clothing for nurses.


Wearing a uniform has a lot of advantages: you will be worrying less about what you will be wearing every day for work, it will be easier to keep yourself and your clothes clean, and it will also bring the opportunity to show off your best accessories and sneakers! With that, you must keep in mind that being comfortable when you are working is one of the factors that will allow you to enjoy your shift while being safe! So here are some of our top picks on shoes and clothing for nurses.



Let’s start with the basics! If you’re shopping for scrubs for the first time, it is best to check your size in an actual uniform store. Support your local businesses and shop there! They usually have discounts for students too, so don’t forget to ask. Once you begin working, you will definitely need more scrubs. Most hospitals are very flexible with their rules when it comes to personalizing your style by choosing your own colors and prints. Allheart.com has very cute prints on sale for all genders. Check them out!



If you are going to be standing on your feet for hours at a time and you are planning on taking double-shifts, it is only reasonable that you invest in good shoes. I actually came across Allbirds a while ago while looking up “best shoes for standing” when I worked on retail. This pair of sneakers has more good reviews than any other running shoes I’ve bought. They’re also a highly sustainable company that is committed to producing every single pair leaving the least amount of carbon footprint on Earth. Now, have you ever wondered why so many nurses wear Crocs? These colorful shoes are slip-resistant and also comfortable. Those who want to have some fun will even decorate them with charms that stick to the holes. So don’t be shy, and express yourself with some vibrant colors!


Thermals and long-sleeves.

Stay warm by wearing thermals underneath your clothes. While long-sleeve scrubs do exist, it is always better to layer up to switch and change if the temperature changes. Also, most workplaces will allow the use of a plain-colored zipper sweater. Again, make sure to check in with your supervisor on uniform rules. 


Face masks.

We were not going to leave this one out of the list! Even when the pandemic ends, many health experts still recommend wearing a face mask, particularly if you are working in healthcare. Most hospital staff members are currently even doubling up by using disposable PPE as well as a washable, fabric face mask on top. If you are buying one of these, consider supporting your local artisans and/or purchasing from Etsy! Also, Wired.com recently published an article with links to the facemasks they like to wear. Read it here.


If you lookup more “comfortable or best shoes and clothing for nurses,” we are sure you will come across thousands of results, but these are just a few of our recommendations! 


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