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Ways to Protect Your Mental Health as a Nurse.

Charlotte Medina


Ways to Protect Your Mental Health as a Nurse.


Being a nurse is a very rewarding career. You are nursing people of all ages and backgrounds back to health. It is a very noble profession, and at Angeles Institute, we are committed to providing training that allows students to excel and reach their educational and career goals. Yet, we are aware that life brings many challenges, which can often bring stress and affect our mental health as nurses. Here are some ways in which you can protect your mental health as a nurse or as a caregiver.


Eat healthy.

Sure, we all have days in which we do not feel like cooking or even have time for it, and there are only so many resources available close to us. Avoid skipping meals or eating only what the vending machines have to offer! Take some time during your days off to meal prep, and go to a specialty grocery store to buy snacks such as bars full of fiber and protein. Also, look into taking daily vitamins and supplements that keep you going!


Take time for yourself.

Fortunately, the salary and benefits of being a nurse will allow you to take substantial time off. After putting in hard work, plan a vacation! And you don’t necessarily have to go to a destination. Plan some days to stay at home and do nothing other than rest, watch movies, and relax. Once it is safe again, book a whole day to a spa!


Be social.

It’s been proven that as human beings we need social interaction, the type that goes beyond our work environment. Entertainment and spending time with friends is essential to our emotional health and wellbeing. Currently, because of the quarantine’s requirements to remain socially distant, it has become harder to keep up with our social needs, yet there are many fun virtual ways to continue interacting with others. Attending online game nights and even group chats with friends do make a big difference and give us a big shot of dopamine! So grab your phone and phone call your friends!



There are many different ways to meditate. From breathing exercises that can last a few minutes, to in depth meditation that can lead us to a trance. Yet, the main purpose of meditation is to reconnect with yourself by bringing your attention inside. If this sounds like a hard thing to do, then instead, take a moment to contemplate the outside. This can be by pausing to watch the sunset or going outside to look at the trees and plants, finding beauty in the little things. When you see life with gratitude, you are more prone to feel content and healthier.  

Honestly, all of these tips apply to everyone, not only to nurses! The key to staying healthy is self-care and you know what you need to make that happen! Angeles Institute faculty and staff understand the needs and training required for a successful, practicing nurse. Call us today to learn more about our programs and to book a counseling appointment!


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