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Lead Poisoning (Infographic)

Taylor Miranda


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    What's happening in Flint, Michigan? 

    The water supply for has been contaminated with lead for over a year, and President Obama has declared it a federal state of emergency. Unfortunatelty, the lead contamination has increased blood lead levels for almost all the residents of Flint, Michigan. 

    Lead is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless metal that can lead to developmental delay in children and memory loss in adults. Lead poisoning, however, usually happens over a period of months to years. 


    Preventative Measures We Can All Take

    • Clean faucets and aerators regularly
    • Test tap water for lead and other impurities
    • Use a filtration device or buy bottled water
    • Avoid using painted toys from foreign countries  
    • Screen young children for blood lead levels  

    If you'd like to help the citizens of Flint, Michigan recieve drinking water, please consider donating to The Flint Water Fund, where 100% of the proceeds goes towards buying filters and botted water, as well as other emergency support services and prevention efforts.


    Flint's Water Crisis Explained in 3 Gifs

    How Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan Became Federal State of Emergency

    5 Ways You Can Help Flint, Michigan, Amid the Water Crisis 


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