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Hiking Trails Near Angeles Institute

Charlotte Medina


Best hiking trails near Angeles Institute.


As the weather slowly warms up, we want to go out! And thankfully, it is still breezy enough to enjoy a good workout and not getting overheated. While we are still on a pandemic and we should keep up with public health guidelines, one of the best outdoor activities we can continue to enjoy is hiking. Hiking in our area is great since we get to be in touch with nature while not going far from home and enjoying amazing views of the coast which include also our familiar urban landscape. Here are some of the best hiking trails near Angeles Institute.


Turnbull Canyon.

Located in Whittier, this hiking trail used to be a landfill that was landscaped to be a very beautiful trail with fantastic views. It is also an excellent spot for mountain bike riding. Use the Hellman Park Trailhead to enjoy the nature portion of Turnbull Canyon to the max! For more information, visit their website.


Powder Canyon.

Not far from Turnbull Canyon, is Powder Canyon in La Habra Heights. With chaparral hills for hiking and horseback riding, this will feel like a country-side getaway once you’re fully immersed in this daytime mini-excursion. Since it is also part of the Puente Hills Preservation Landfill, information on parking and more can be found on the same website as above.


Chino Hills State Park.

This natural reservation and habitat to hundreds of animal and botanical species is a great spot if you’re considering starting early and leaving late: this park is huge! If you would like to explore at a slower pace, they do have camping sites available on a reservation-basis. If you are interested in that, book your campsite here today.


Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook.

The Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook is home to the famous Culver City Steps. If you are really in the mood for a workout, going up this trail and steps will reward you with a 360-degree view of the city landscape of West LA and the Santa Monica side of the sea once you reach the top! Additionally, there is a tiny modern museum and visitor center with information about the history of Culver City. The hike down is pretty easy, though. Find more info here.


Del Cerro Park.

A little drive down on Palos Verdes, Del Cerro Park is my very personal favorite. During the Spring and Summer, it’s green and blue all around: the tall grass and trees, and the never-ending skyline blending with that one of the ocean. It’s a hike with several smaller trails that never gets old! The entrance is a little bit hard to spot. It is right around and behind a fence. Click here for directions.


And there you have them. There are far too many trails we can visit, just one of the many perks of living in South California and attending our school with an unparalleled location! But for now, the trails I mentioned are mostly the ones without less foot traffic as I kept in mind that we are still social-distancing for our safety. Which hiking trail will you be visiting this weekend?



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