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Health in romantic relationships: Dating in the times of COVID19.

Charlotte Medina






Banner-Health_72820Dating has evolved significantly in the past few years. With the emergence of dating apps, now it is easier to put oneself “out there” when we are looking to pursue a relationship, whether if we are looking for something casual or anything that eventually may evolve into something deeper. However, health is a topic that is rather left out of the conversation when getting to know someone new. Although it can be awkward to ask several questions, health is a crucial consideration as you will be spending time and becoming physically close to someone. Now more than ever, as we are going through a global pandemic, we need to learn how to practice safe romance and keep ourselves healthy while also helping our partner(s) be healthy too. Here are some tips on how to protect ourselves and our romantic interests better when dating during the COVID19 pandemic.


Starting from the outside in, we must take care of our health daily by practicing personal hygiene frequently. By keeping clean, we are helping our body in preventing the introduction of bacteria into our system, hence avoiding health issues and illnesses. Although this advice sounds like one that we’ve been told since the beginning of our life, we ought to remember it and apply it daily. Keeping clean will not only leave us looking and feeling dandy for our significant other, but this is also the first principle on staying well. Practicing safe sex involves hygiene too because when we get physical with someone, we are close to and exchanging bodily fluids. Shower on the days you get to see your significant other, or if you have multiple partners, shower after having sexual intercourse / in between meeting with a different partner. If you are having penis-in-vagina sex, wear a new condom each time.


Now, it is important to mention polyamory and open relationships because as we are going through a global pandemic, it is a wise choice to limit your number of partners unless you all are living and quarantining together. Practicing social distance is already challenging enough on its own, and the larger the number of partners, the higher the risk of getting COVID19. Stick to one or two partners and make sure you know the ways in which they have been practicing social distancing and how they have been interacting with other people. Now more than ever, honesty and communication are crucial! Always tell the truth to your partner(s), including the fact that you are seeing someone else besides them, if you are. Also, if you have been in close contact with someone who might have coronavirus, quarantine for two weeks before seeing them: protect the health of those you care about! Here are the CDC’s guidelines on how to prevent getting yourself and others sick.


If you are single and want to meet potential mates, you can continue to do so online! There are many creative ways in which a lot of people are having virtual dates. Here are some virtual date night ideas from the online magazine Them. Come back to our blog next month to read more about health in romantic relationships!



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