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Great Solo Sports

Charlotte Medina


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Great Solo Sports.


The weather has been cooling down and while we are still practicing social distancing, we are eager to learn new and fun ways to stay active and entertained during these unprecedented times. Since being physically active is a crucial factor in staying healthy we should all consider practicing a sport that is fit according to our abilities. There are many activities that you can do from home or outdoors. Below are a few examples of great solo sports.



Bikes are so much fun! Whether you are a roadie or prefer mountain biking, the flexibility of owning a bike gives you a lot of conveniences. In terms of transportation, you can go pretty much anywhere by biking. If you are starting off, you can take your bike on smaller trips to the store or to your closest park. If you have reached a high level and are eager to embark on an adventure, you can even go on a camping trip all on your bike! Here are some essential tips if you ever decide to go on a bicycle camping trip.



Perhaps it is not as hot outside anymore, but if you are privileged enough to live by the beautiful wavy beaches in California, surfing could be a fun and adventurous new experience to try out. Wearing a wetsuit will keep you warm, and the “high” you obtain from being on the moment up on a wave is unparalleled. Plus, you will be strengthening your core and working your abs. Check out the best beaches in Southern California to surf.



While it can be a little bit pricey to gather all the gear, archery can become a really rewarding sport. You will be practicing aim, your patience, and learning how to adequately stand and keep your posture. Here are some public archery ranges as well as some private ones where you can get lessons with equipment included.



If you are home alone or you simply have no shame at all, blast your favorite song through your speakers! Or even better: pull up your favorite music video with that one choreography you always admired. Now is the best time to learn it step by step and burn some calories while at it! Dancing will release a lot of your dopamine levels and help tone up your body.



There are some spots in Los Angeles where you can go kayaking. When you row, you are working your upper back muscles and arms, so you will be giving them a good move! Kayaking is a great outdoor sport to try out and get some fresh air. Here are some spots in LA where you can go kayaking.



Similarly to dancing, boxing can be practiced through routines or choreographies that you can learn through YouTube. If you have the means, you can set up a punching bag in your garage or living room to practice some punches. It will help boost up your confidence and it is a great form of exercise.


Sometimes all you need is a walk around your block or local park to inhale some fresh air and to keep those muscles moving! If you’d rather stay at home, remember that there are other activities such as yoga and pilates that you can use to maintain your body in movement.


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