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Cleaning and Disinfecting

Charlotte Medina


Cleaning and Disinfecting

Cleaning and disinfecting your home, your office space, and your car is of uttermost importance, particularly these days. In order to prevent diseases from developing in your home and ensuring your equipment continues working properly, you must clean up regularly. In this blog, you will find out some tips on ways to effectively clean and disinfect the areas you frequent the most, as well as learn about how often you should do it.


Getting your cleaning tools ready!

Always have cleaning products at home. From the basic dish soaps and disinfecting chlorine, there are other products out there made specifically to clean and disinfect your home. Now, the pandemic made it a little bit hard for a while to find many of stronger disinfecting chemicals. You may want to check out the environmental-friendly section as many of these products contain natural alternatives such as essential oils that do clean up and eliminate germs! If you would like to save some dollars and engage in a DIY project to create your own scents, take a look at these recipes that show how to create your homemade natural disinfectant products. The main ingredient is white vinegar, which you can find by the gallon at the grocery store for very cheap! Also, remember to use reusable rags if you’d like to save on paper towels. You can even repurpose old t-shirts or old towels and make your own!


How often should we clean our home, office, and car?

The answer is: that depends. Currently, a lot of people are still working from home. You decide how often you would like to go deep clean your personal space, yet the truth is that this decision should also be based on common sense. Note the debris that accumulates in all areas (oils from cooking, dust that comes in from the windows, etc). Also, depending on the type of floor you have, you will have to use a mop or a pad-based cleaner. Regardless, sweep first. The floor is the culprit of bacterias since we bring in all the germs through our shoes from outside! This is why many people take off their shoes before entering their homes. Sweep regularly, and mop once at least once a week.


Now, whether you are at a shared office or working from home, remember to disinfect your computer’s keyboard, monitors, and telephone at the end of each week! You won’t believe the number of particles that get stuck in your equipment’s crevices… Get rid of them safely by spraying them with compressed air. You can find it at most office supplies stores. Using disinfecting wipes to clean your desk, chair, and phone handle, and screen cleaning wipes for your monitors.


About your car: yes, it does need and deserve a deep clean. If at the moment getting it detailed is out of the budget, consider taking some time to do it from home! Also, many self-serve car-wash stations are very economical and have vacuums and garbage cans where you can take out all the trash. Use a disinfectant spray to clean your steering wheel and transmission stick, and a window cleaner to also clean your windows from the inside.


Make cleaning your environments part of your routine! It will make you feel more comfortable, in focus, and will also help you stay healthy. And who knows, you might find a little treasure you had misplaced!


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