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Benefits of Group Study

Claudia Ortiz-ortiz


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    As a student, you already know how important studying is to being successful in nursing school. You could choose to study on your own or you could join a study group. Here are six benefits that group study can give you:

    1. Eliminates Procrastination

    If you put off studying until the last minute, regularly scheduled group study sessions can eliminate your procrastination. You will have a set time for studying and are accountable to your group members, which makes it less likely you will procrastinate about your studies.

    2. Helps You Learn Faster

    Students in study groups usually learn faster than students who study alone. If you don’t understand a concept, you can ask your fellow group members questions that will help you understand. Having someone clear up your confusion saves time that you would have spent trying to figure out difficult concepts.

    3. Fills in Gaps in Notes

    Studying with a group allows you to compare your notes with other students. If you aren’t a great note taker, you can see how other students take notes and fix any errors you might have. If you’re a great note taker, you can help your fellow students fill in the gaps with their notes.

    4. Sharpens Your Study Skills

    Being part of a study group allows you to observe different types of study methods. Your own study methods might be good, but you may also be able to sharpen your skills by adding new methods that your group study members are using.

    5. Breaks Up Monotony of Studying Alone

    Spending a lot of time alone studying can become monotonous. Joining a study group can add a social aspect to your study routine. It also gives you an outlet for discussing topics that you are struggling with at school with other students.

    6. Hones People Skills

    As a nurse, you will need to have people skills and a good ability to communicate. Group study can help you develop these soft skills, which will help you throughout your career.


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