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A Balanced Diet

Charlotte Medina



A Balanced Diet 

What does it mean to eat healthy? Every day, we are bombarded by ads on TV and social media about food, particularly about delivery and take-out options. For a long time, eating out became a convenient option due to our busy schedule. But as the pace of our daily lives has slowed down due to quarantine, many of us have shifted our focus back to our health: we are getting more rest, spending more time in nature, and very importantly, we are cooking and eating more homemade food.


There are a lot of people who have been reconsidering what it means to eat and be healthy. While crowds rushed into supermarkets at the beginning of the pandemic, as everyone understood how now it’s more crucial than ever to have food at home, there was a general consciousness growing about our own nutrition; even though the actual idea of having to boost our immune system, took a while to kick in. While many diseases and chronic conditions are relatability hard to treat, we can agree that avoiding illness starts with prevention. Medicine is found in nature through food, and a balanced diet is key to keeping ourselves healthy. Here are some immune-boosting recipes that are full of vitamins, probiotics, and antioxidants. 


With so many dietary plans and restrictions out there due to allergies and personal choice, it might sound that having a balanced diet is more challenging, but it’s not! There are many options out there thanks to the rising awareness of delicious and tasty superfoods. For those of us who are omnivores, I’d recommend practicing the rule of “everything in moderation,” as I personally do not like fully cutting anything out from my diet, although with the years I recognize that my body and metabolism have changed and there are certain things I have significantly reduced in consumption such as dairy, sugars, heavily processed snacks, and anything that contains high fructose corn syrup. Healthy alternatives and superfoods have begun to become more mainstream and now you can find them in places other than specialty markets. Also, if your town or city has a farmer’s market, it is very likely they carry organic fruits and vegetables, local honey, and possibly kombucha!


Since many restaurants had to close their doors, this was what motivated many of us to get creative with our cooking, and in some cases, it was also a bonding experience with our loved ones to work together in the kitchen or surprise them with something new they have never tasted. Eating at home has been proven to be healthier and cheaper since you will usually have left-overs and ingredients you can use on your next meals. You can come up with a meal plan with your family and even have fun creating a menu for the week!


It is important to support our local community’s businesses and purchase meals from independent restaurants as well! Once or twice a week, treat yourself to trying out something new. It is easier to find a healthier meal, such as a smoothie or vegan dish from mom and pop shops as opposed to larger chains. 


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