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3 Must-Read Tips for New Nursing Students

Alicia Robinson



Being a new nursing student can be stressful. You may be juggling school, work and a family all at the same time. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could wave a magic wand and have all your stress disappear? But that is highly unlikely. However, you can take control and reduce your stress with these three tips to help new nursing students get off to a good start.

#1 Stand Out… But in a Good Way

Sitting in the front of the class is a good way to show you are focused on learning. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or volunteer to answer questions your instructor may ask. You do not want to be just a face in the crowd because having a recommendation from your instructor can help you when you are interviewing for a job. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, because it is a part of the learning process.

#2 Understand Your Learning Style

Do you learn by seeing, doing or listening? Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you to better understand how you will need to prepare for your assignments and exams. Maybe you need to study in a quiet place by yourself, or maybe you work better within a group. Joining a study group is a good way to combine your strengths and tackle your weaknesses along with your fellow students who are in the same position as you are.

#3 Remember to Take Care of You

Make sure that you get enough rest and allow yourself enough time for studying. Pulling an all-nighter to cram last minute for an exam the next day is not a good idea. Learn to control your emotions because it will help you handle stress better. As you train to be a nurse, you will be caring for others, but you cannot do that properly if you are not taking care of yourself. Take a break when you need it, even if it is a few minutes outside to get some fresh air.


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