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Completing Your Nursing Program

Satisfactory Academic Progress 

The Satisfactory Academic Progress policy at Angeles Institute applies to all students without regard to financial aid. Students’ progress will be measured at the end of each term. Students must show satisfactory academic progress. In order to maintain satisfactory academic progress, students must:

  • Maintain a grade percent average (GPA) of at least 2.5 with a 75% or better in all systems/terms/units/modules (percentages are rounded)
  • Complete all assignments in a timely manner with a 75% or better and have satisfactory performance of required skills (percentages are rounded)
  • Maintain satisfactory clinical performance (grade of “C”)
  • Progress at a satisfactory rate toward completion of their programs/courses
  • Complete the training programs within 150 percent the planned program length
  • Complete all mandatory review programs with a satisfactory grade

Qualitative Standard- All students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or 75%

Quantitative Standard – Complete a minimum of 67% of cumulative coursework attempt

Maximum Timeframe Standard – Complete the program within 150% of the published length

Maximum Timeframe Example

After this # of wks (months) 15 wks(3.5 months) 30 wks(7 months) 45 wks(10.5 months) 60 wks(14 months)
Students must have at least this cumulative grade average 2.5(75%) 2.5(75%) 2.5(75%) 2.5(75%)
Student must have at least this number of clock hours 383 766 1148 1530

All students who receive federal and state financial aid must meet federal and institutional standards for satisfactory academic progress in order to establish and retain financial aid eligibility.

Review Periods


# of hours completed

# of hours completed

# of hours completed

Vocational Nursing




Satisfactory Academic Progress is determined at the end of each payment review period.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Warning – Student who fall below the qualitative or quantitative measure will be placed on “satisfactory academic progress warning.” Students on satisfactory academic progress warning are eligible for one additional payment period. If the student does not meet the satisfactory academic progress standards by the end of the “warning” period, the student becomes no longer eligible for federal aid until satisfactory academic progress is met or the student successfully appeals the suspension.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal – If a student is found to be ineligible for federal financial aid because the standards of satisfactory academic progress requirements were not met, the student may appeal this decision to the Financial Aid Department by stating, in writing, the reasons why the minimum requirements were not met and why financial aid should not be terminated. With filing an appeal, make sure to provide a full explanation along with documentation, verifying the circumstances that led to the standards for the satisfactory academic progress not being met.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Probation – A student who has their appeal approved, will be placed on “probation” and be eligible for financial aid for one additional payment period. Students on probation will have their academic progress monitored each term to ensure that they can meet the standards of satisfactory academic progress requirements.


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